Apps for young kids! (List of iPhone & Android Apps)


TINY TWIN BEARS Present' has been released!!

'TINY TWIN BEARS' Present' has been released!!
for Android [Google Play]

Chain Puzzle Wake Up! Bob

'Chain Puzzle Wake Up! Bob' has been released!!
for Android [Google Play]



We produce sites, and develop iPhone/iPad applications! We offer total support for your web business.

To satisfy your demands, we will initially carry out thorough hearings from various angles.
From planning to design, to program development and follow up service, we develop a highly flexible and adaptable service unique to only a small number of staff members.


Design related services:

From PC Site and Mobile Sites to iPhone/iPad applications, we offer appropriate designs to correspond with the media.

Program and database related services:

From software development to programs used on the internet, from planning and design to programming, we give you total support. From database planning and design to installation, we will construct the best database for our customers.

Network related services

From intranet and internet, to extra-net, we will help to build and operate the optimal network for you.

At Atech inc, making 'meeting all of our customers'demands' our motto, we offer total support to your web business.




We propose content that is linked to good results! Allow us to introduce some of our successful achievements.





Apps for young kids! (List of iPhone & Android Apps)




Leave it to Atech inc.! With consistent project management, we will guide you to your business goals.

President's message

Our company's main area of business is the planning, production and management of web related content. From a period where the technical complexity was not that of today and the only thing that was needed was the creation of a homepage, by steadily completing small projects in the beginning we gradually built up the confidence and experience to accept orders for big projects. In hindsight, although we were immature, both as a company and in terms of technical ability, we have been able to study and grow, thanks to our clients.

Common in today's broadband environment, we don't know how many so-called web production companies exist domestically, because there is no accurate data for this type of industry. In this rapidly progressing internet industry, so much so that the years can be referred to as dog years or mouse years, new services and affiliate companies to match the advances in technology are born daily. While I am writing this message, I cannot deny the possibility that a new web production company is being born, while the life of another production company is ending. In such an industry, for our dealings with our many clients, and everything we have accomplished and continue to strive for in the future, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Currently our main area of business is creation content and management, but in the future we intend to develop our own original services, and reveal them to the public as soon as possible. Although we might not have the sufficient capability yet, by making the most of the skills and knowledge we have acquired from our experience, we would delighted if we can make our contribution to society, little by little.

If fate draws you to our company from the many other production companies, we will fully devote our efforts as professionals and would be obliged if we can help your company achieve its business goals.

Atech inc.
Representative Director, Yuzo Suzuki
August, 2007

Representative Director, Yuzo Suzuki

Company Information

Company Name
Atech inc.
Head Office
R Bldg, 6F.2-14-4 Shimbashi Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan 105-0004    Access
Tel. 03-5511-5521  Fax. 03-5511-5571
Capital Stock
20,000,000 yen
March 19, 1991
Settlement of accounts
9 members (August, 2010)
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Kyobashi Chuo branch, Hongo branch
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Koishigawa branch
Mizuho Bank, Itabashi branch
Representative Director: Yuzo Suzuki

Associated company

Company Name
Atech Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Head Office
Phuong Tower 9F, 31C Ly Tu Trong st, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel. (+84) 83 827 3780 Fax. (+84) 83 827 3789
Capital Stock
20,000,000 yen
March 14, 2013
Settlement of accounts
7 members
President: Yuzo Suzuki


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